Letter From Founder



For the past 3 decades, Meridian Pacific has resolved the complex real estate problems of corporations, franchisees and individuals. By outsourcing one’s real estate requirements, Meridian Pacific provides a cost effective means to dispose of multiple properties, whether the goal is to effect a sale, sublease or negotiate a lease termination. Our clients have one point of contact, a principal of Meridian Pacific, who is directly responsible for all aspects of every transactions. No management layers, only answers and results. Our business model produces quantifiable results, increased cash and a decrease in long-term liabilities. A better bottom line. By retaining Meridian Pacific, our clients save two precious commodities, time and money.

Craig A. Cooper

Founder, Meridian Pacific Corporate Real Estate Advisors


Property Disposition

Sold 351 CLOSED Restaurants generating $121 million

Sale/ Leaseback

Completed the sale of 7 properties generating $6.7 million for client

Property Portfolio Renegotiation

Renegotiated a lease portfolio of 37 restaurants at savings of $1.65 million to the client

REO Properties

Sold 38 properties with title defects at a cost of $11.6 million

Lease Terminations

Terminated 230 leases at a NPV savings of $56.0 million

Corporate Relocation

Negotiated a 40,000SF office lease at a savings of $2.2 million to client over 10 years

Corporate Build to Suit

Completed a 100,000SF Corporate Headquarters office lease and relocation